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Alexia Commaret

"Giving children back to joy of learning through understanding primitive reflexes"

I specialise in graphotherapy (handwriting)  and helping children integrate primitive reflexes.  I live in London with my three teenage children and husband.  My passion is helping children to overcome their learning difficulties. 

All children are born with a number of reflexes which usually naturally re-integrate during childhood. However, for some children these reflexes don’t fully re-integrate and this is what can cause learning difficulties. This often translates into things like difficulty in sitting still, paying attention, interacting with others and so on…..

After my intensive training in methods to help integrate these primitive reflexes, I support children and teenagers to overcome their difficulties.  This helps them concentrate better and learn more easily.
How do I do this?

By using movement to naturally re-integrate the child’s primitive reflexes. This helps improve  cognitive, motor and emotional skills.

The sessions are fun and involve working on the senses as well as stimulating the central nervous system.

My practice is aimed at children and teenagers.

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Alexia Commaret

For kids and teenagers


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