Florence Giorgio


Anne de Saint Vaulry and Florence Giorgio are both certified practitioners who trained in the Dr Blomberg method.
Their story began in 2015 when they met on a number of primitive reflex training courses.
By the end of their studies, they both shared a common desire to break away from the norm and offer a different kind of support for children with learning difficulties.
Going into partnership was an obvious decision and the Atelier des Apprentissages (The Learning Workshop) was born in 2016.
Since then, 15 practitioners have joined the partnership, developing their own practices, always with strength, professionalism and kindness.
Over time, the range of disorders, profiles and ages has widened.
Through the Atelier des Apprentissages, the practitioners have observed that the more support they give to facilitate change, the faster the results.

Their practice is enriched, strengthened and transformed thanks to you, our clients.
sophie dubreuil - Praticienne en réflexes archaïques

Sophie Dubreuil

Coordinating partner

Sophie is a practitioner at Atelier des Apprentissages.

She joined in 2018 and works daily with babies, children, teenagers and adults.

Alongside Anne and Florence, she manages digital communication to highlight the importance of the role of primitive reflexes in managing disorders and to educate parents.

Our practitioners

Throughout France, The Learning Workshop has a team of practitioners who work with teachers, doctors, midwives, psychologists, speech therapists, chiropodists, orthoptists, graphotherapists, physiotherapists and osteopaths...

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