My reflexes and
my reading
par L'Atelier des Apprentissages, remédier aux troubles moteurs et émotionnels

Mes réflexes et ma lecture

Allow your child to acquire the fundementals of reading, supporting it gently, with a targeted, fun program. 

Learning to read is done at the beginning of elementary school around 5/6 years old.

As a parent, you notice that some difficulties persist.

For exemple, Slow and jerky

deciphering, lines breaks, a monotonous voice or

poor reading comprehension etc...

You want to help your child be more comfortable and confident. 

8 sessions

80 exercices

5 min exercices per day

Session 6 & 2

We have built this manual by working on the reflexes that lay down

- the fundamentals of reading such as visual and auditory perceptions for good recognition of letters and their sound

- the muscular tone of the spine, head and neck control. 

-  spatial recognition for position identification letters in the word

Ma fille prend plaisir à lire et prend de plus en plus confiance. Sa lecture est fluide et rythmée. Elle met l'intination et comprends ce qu'elle lit.

At the end of each session, a memo allows you to observe your child's progress.

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