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We offer a six-module training course, to discover and learn how to integrate primitive reflexes. This course is designed for people who wish to enhance their skills and deepen their existing practice using neuro-sensory motor methods that are recognised and used throughout the world.This approach makes it possible to offer a common, certified and supervised knowledge base for the practice of primitive reflexes.


For these courses, The Learning Workshop works with Mylène Cheynet, consultant and certified RMTi® trainer.


Discover Mylène's journey

Who are these primitive reflex classes for?

Training classes in primitive reflexes both refresh your existing skills and give you additional skills to improve your practice.

You will reinforce and deepen your understanding of the main postural, emotional and life reflexes. You will strengthen the link between theory and practice in your work. You’ll learn to create your own tools, draw up an assessmentmand discover how to integrate these new skills easily into your existing practice.

Common goals for each class

1 - The rediscovery of the reflex

Understanding how reflexes work in the body, their cycles and the importance of properly integrating them.


2 - Every gesture counts

To take the time to observe, feel, test, integrate and respect each learning step.


3 - The human approach

To learn how to conduct an interview, adopt the right posture, write the assessment and devise a support program.


Classes are held in a room which can accommodate 10 people.

Five examination tables are available. A complete manual is provided for each class.

Our classes

La verticalité

Renforcer la pratique de 6 réflexes qui mènent à la station verticale

Tonique Labyrinthique, Tonique Symétrique du Cou, Babinski,

Radiation du Nombril, Redressement statique, Allongement croisé.
Durée : 4 jours / Pré-requis : aucun

Les émotions

Renforcer la pratique de 5 réflexes en lien avec nos émotions

Moro, Perez, Attachement, Paralysie par la peur, Protection des tendons.
Durée : 2,5 jours / Pré-requis : aucun


La latéralité

Renforcer la pratique de 7 réflexes en lien avec les étapes motrices de transition et de latéralité

Tonique Asymétrique du Cou, Retournement, Abdominal, Spinal de Galant, Landau, Reptation de Bauer, Tonique oculaire et Labyrinthique.
Durée : 4 jours / Pré-requis : aucun

Les mouvements périphériques

Renforcer la pratique de 8 réflexes en lien avec les mouvements périphériques
Parachute, Traction, Babkin, Agrippement Palmaire, Agrippement Plantaire, Succion, Fouissement, Babinski.
Durée : 2,5 jours / Pré-requis : aucun


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